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May 11, 2021

A stuffed penis. A stuffed penis that is cuddly, lies on you bed and you can hug and snuggle with at night. How did we get here? And why on earth would anyone want to do that. Well keep reading and I will tell you.

Back in the 60s the world was going through a massive cultural and sexual revolution. The swinging sixties had started. The beetles were huge, the mini skirt was the height of fashion and free love had become a staple part of your grandparents’ diet. Before then sex had mostly been taboo. Something that was kept behind closed doors, not to be mentioned to others aside from in subtle innuendo, and even then, that could be frowned upon.

The sexual revolution meant that sex outside of traditional marriages became more widely acceptable. Sex symbols, like the penis, breasts and vagina became more spoken about in a more humorous and frivolous way as such that they could be used for teasing and for jovial fun.

In the sixties stuffed animals plushies had been around for a long time. In fact, humans have been making stuffed toys in some form for many a generation. However, stuffed animals for the most part had been seen as a toy for children and something that adults should grow out of.

Therefore, simultaneously with the sexual and cultural revolution that was occurring at that time there was also a stuffed animal and plushie revolution. People did not march on the streets, teenagers did not head down to their local toy stores in protest, yet instead it slowly but surely became more normal for teenagers and adults in their 20s to hold onto and even buy new stuffed toys and plushies for themselves.

This is not surprising since plushies can be a great source of comfort and a provider of warm and fuzzy feelings to its owner. As stuffed animals became more acceptable across the ages different types began to pop up. They were not only animals any more these stuffed toys were of all objects that people considered to be fun, entertaining and a source of affection, enjoyment and love.

Here entered the penis plush. The apex of the sexual and plushie revolution. The only logical end point to these movements.

However, the importance is not just about how we got here, but also now about the quality of the result. Here, at Penis plushieswe provide the highest quality and the most well-made penis plushies available. We are the apexes apex. The tip of the penis…the plush revolution.

When you buy a plush from us you will receive it through the post. After you decide to take off the wrapping, you place it on your bed. When you go to work or college, your penis plush sits on your bed both hard and soft at the same time waiting for you.

Life can be hard right? College might have stressed you out, your boss at work might be on your case, a colleague may have acted in a way that offended you or made you feel lowered. Your level of emotion can quickly drop from a net positive to a negative.

When you get home, you put your key into the door of your home and twist. The door unlocks and you enter into your home. You check your emails, your social media, get yourself a bite to eat and then you head up to your room.

You open the door and there laying on you bed are two eyes looking at you. Two eyes attached to the shaft of a penis. A penis plush.

Instantly a smile gleams across your face, your eyes open wide, the negative emotion washes from your body and you let out a little chuckle.

Your body feels warm and a rewarding feeling emanates from your chest like a glow. The penis plush made you feel good and you give the chonky fella a hug and a stroke of its soft plush fabric.

This is the apex and this is our goal. Here at penis plushies we have a wide range of plushies to make you feel good. So peruse, but don’t hesitate, the motion is in the ocean and the penis plush is in the life.