Penis Jewelry

Sometimes normal jewelry is not enough. Sometimes you need a good penis on that necklace, ring or bracelet. Enjoy our selection of penis jewelry below!

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Whenever I think of penis jewelry, I think of it attached to the penis. But here at penis plush we sell penis jewelry that is in the shape of a penis.

I remember one day sitting with some friends and they started talking about penis sizes. This size penis, that size penis, this girth, that girth; the whole spectrum. As I listened intently, I noticed one of my friends was wearing a pair of earrings that looked suspiciously similar to the shape of a phallic member.

Through my drive for curiosity, I suspended my social candour and interrupted mid-sentence, just as she began introducing another anecdote about a particularly large schlong.

‘Are those penises on your ears?’ I asked inquisitively.

‘No, they are silver bananas’ She replied.

‘Ok’ and I quickly shut up and let her continue on with her story.

Yet, the whole experience kept playing on my mind. They were bananas on her ears, yet they had seemed so much like a penis and yet had also looked so stylish and awesome.

I never forgot it. Instead I asked others, if they would wear penis shaped jewelry, as earrings, or as a bracelet. Although, some shied away, many said that they would. Some as a joke, but others as an expression of their open sexuality and wonder and love for the penis.

My mind was set, when it finally came time to launch penis plushies I realised that penis earrings and penis jewelry had to take centre stage on the website.

The penis is an odd shaped thing if you think about it. A long (and sometimes short) object protruding from the lower body, just below the abdomen. The male organ for spreading the seed (if that isn’t too seedy) has 3 layers of tissue. The glans of the penis is surrounded by the foreskin, a fold of skin that can be removed during circumcision.

When sexually stimulated the penis fills with blood which gives it its hard and upright appearance. Ejaculation occurs when an orgasm is reached.

The human penis is different than most of the penises found in the animal kingdom because there is an absence of a bone that is used to erect the penis. Furthermore, a human man cannot retract his penis into his body. Even if it can appear like that when temperatures are very cold.

The penis has the same embryonic origin as the clitoris and has an identical structure. Which is interesting, because the clitoris in some ways is like a very small penis.

Jewelry has a rich history dating back civilisations. For the Egyptians jewelry symbolised political power and religion. There were not exclusively worn by the living either. Egyptians would often by buried amongst a host of jewelry objects, as tutankhamuns tomb showed, when it was discovered in 14bc.

And here they are in all their glory.