About Us


I'm Lisa, the person who started Penis Plushies. I'm happy to welcome you to our fun family. Now you're part of a group that loves a good laugh, being comfy, and a little bit of bold fun!

I made Penis Plushies to bring laughs and give you something cozy for chill nights. Each plushie is made to be your hugging buddy, a fun topic to talk about, and a way to lighten up the mood.

Why go for the usual when you can have something funny and cozy?

🌟 Meet Our Team 🌟 

At Penis Plushies, we're a tight-knit team of creators, designers, and all-around fun people who are passionate about bringing a smile to your face.

Our quirky products aren't just made; they're lovingly crafted by people who care deeply about what they do. We'd love to introduce you to the incredible minds behind the products that make you laugh.

Lisa Cooke - CEO & Chief Fun Officer

Lisa is the driving force behind Penis Plushies. A visionary leader with an unapologetically cheeky sense of humor, she's passionate about creating products that help adults embrace their playful side.

Lisa Cooke

Emily Thompson - Head of Design

Emily makes sure that every product we create is as aesthetically pleasing as it is hilarious. She's the mastermind behind your favorite plushies' cuddle-factor. 

emily thomspson

Sarah Lee - Marketing Maestro

Sarah brings Penis Plushies to the people. With an incredible knack for understanding what makes our customers tick, she's the reason you found us in the first place.

marketing person

Jasmine Davis - Customer Care Captain

Your experience matters to us, and Jasmine ensures that your journey with Penis Plushies is nothing short of delightful. From resolving queries to handling orders, she's got it covered.


Mark Robinson - Operations Guru

Mark makes things happen. Literally. From overseeing manufacturing to ensuring timely deliveries, he keeps the wheels turning smoothly.

We hope this gives you a small glimpse into the heart and soul of Penis Plushies. If you ever have any questions, concerns, or just want to share how much you love your new plushie, we're all ears.

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us.

Best wishes,