Cum T Shirt

Well, hello there, you cheeky devils! Welcome to the Cum T-Shirt collection at Penis Plushies! Now, I know what you're thinking, "Cum T-Shirts? That's a bit of a sticky situation!" But let me assure you, darling, these t-shirts are as amusing as they are audacious.

Crafted from top-notch materials, these t-shirts are the perfect fit for those who enjoy a wardrobe that's as cheeky as a late-night comedy sketch. After all, who can resist a good cum joke?

Let's dive into some of our most risqué t-shirts, shall we?

  1. I Got A Little Seaman On My Shirt T Shirt: This t-shirt is ideal for those who can't resist a good pun. It's guaranteed to induce laughter and perhaps a few blushing faces. It's like a naughty nautical adventure you can wear!

  2. Cum Dumpster Women's Softstyle Tee: Now, that's a bold statement, isn't it? Perfect for those who enjoy a bit of shock value. It's like a trashy treasure you can wear!

  3. Daddy's Cum Slut Women's Softstyle Tee: This t-shirt is a playful declaration that's sure to raise a few eyebrows. It's an ideal gift for anyone who appreciates a joke that's a bit on the naughty side. It's like a badge of honour you can wear!

  4. I Love Cum T Shirt: This t-shirt is a cheeky way to express your appreciation for life's finer things. It's a fantastic gift for anyone who loves a good laugh and isn't afraid to push the boundaries. It's like a love letter you can wear!

  5. Make A Woman Cum For Once T Shirt: This t-shirt is a humorous challenge to all the gentlemen out there. It's a fun and quirky way to advocate for women's pleasure. It's like a challenge you can wear!

Remember, we offer free shipping worldwide, so you can get your audacious t-shirt delivered discreetly to your doorstep.  And if you're over in the US, Canada, UK, or Australia, my loves, you'll get your hands on it faster than I can polish off a packet of biscuits - within just 5 working days!

Browse through our collection today and find the perfect t-shirt that tickles your funny bone and matches your daring sense of humour.