Sex Drugs & Sausage Rolls T Shirt

Irish Green
Light Blue
Sport Grey


Alright, love, let's chat about this one-of-a-kind number: our 'Sex Drugs & Sausage Rolls' Unisex T-Shirt. A splash of daring, a dollop of comfort, and a whole heap of style all swirled together for your sartorial pleasure. 

You see, this isn't just a t-shirt, oh no! It's a declaration of your bold persona, a conversation sparkler, a symbol of the devil-may-care attitude that makes you, well, you. Sewn from 100% ring-spun cotton in solid shades, it's so soft it'll make your skin sing. And for the heather hues and sporty grey, we've added a bit of polyester to the mix, giving you the ultimate blend of comfort and durability. 

Now, this light fabric is perfect for any season, providing a breathable fit that'll see you through the day, no sweat. Designed with a Eurofit touch, this t-shirt promises a sleek, flattering look, embracing all body types like a warm, fashion-forward hug. 

We've reinforced the shoulders with trusty twill tape, ensuring this t-shirt retains its shape wash after wash – because who said beauty can't last? The collar? Oh, it's a dream, constructed with ribbed knitting to prevent any curling calamities. 

Comfort, you ask? We've included a tear-away label, so you won't have any pesky tags scratching at your skin. And don't fret about sizing – this little number runs true to size, so finding your perfect fit will be a cinch!

The 'Sex Drugs & Sausage Rolls' Unisex T-Shirt is more than a garment; it's a canvas for your unique style and attitude. So, go ahead – don it with pride and let the world know exactly who you are.

  S M L XL 2XL 3XL
Width, cm 45.70 50.80 55.80 60.90 66.00 71.10
Length, cm 71.10 73.60 76.20 78.70 81.20 83.80
Sleeve length, cm 20.90 21.60 22.20 22.90 23.50 24.10