I Love Dat Ass Ceramic Mug 11oz



Say hello to the 'I Love Dat Ass' ceramic coffee mug, an item that effortlessly combines function, style, and a good bit of humour! This isn't just a coffee holder; it's a cheerful companion to kick-start your day on a high note.

This sturdy mug is born from top-quality white ceramic, providing an impressive capacity of 11 oz (0.33 l) to cater to your caffeine cravings. With its rounded corners and C-handle, comfort is at the heart of its design. Whether you're a slow sipper or a guzzler, it offers a firm grip and maximum convenience.

The highlight, though, is undoubtedly its vibrant design. Through the magic of advanced printing technology, the 'Adoration Declaration' mug radiates a colourful personality that catches the eye. The bold statement, "I Love Dat Ass", brings a playful, cheeky charm that you can't help but smile at.

When it comes to maintenance, there's no need to fuss. The mug is fully prepared to face the microwave's heat and the dishwasher's rigor. Whether you need to quickly warm up your brew or clean up after, this ceramic buddy won't let you down.

And if you're in search of a unique gift, look no further. This mug's lively design and comedic twist make it an excellent surprise for any coffee enthusiast. Whether it's a birthday treat, a celebratory token, or a spur-of-the-moment gift to brighten someone's day, the 'I Love Dat Ass' mug is up to the task.

So, why not add a spark of joy to your morning routine? The 'I Love Dat Ass' ceramic coffee mug is your daily reminder to enjoy life, love boldly, and laugh heartily - all while savouring your favourite hot beverage!

Height, in 3.74
Diameter, in 3.15