Livin My Breast Life Ceramic Mug 11oz



Darlings, here we have the 'Livin My Breast Life' ceramic coffee mug, the ultimate morning pep-talk in a cup! This isn't just a vessel for your beloved caffeine fix - it's a declaration of your vivacious, carefree spirit. 

Beautifully made from robust white ceramic, this 11 oz (0.33 l) mug is perfectly crafted to be as comforting to hold as it is to look at. Its design features charmingly rounded corners and a convenient C-handle for that snug grip we all adore. It's like receiving a warm hug from your favourite mug! 

Of course, we've paid just as much attention to the aesthetics. Utilising advanced printing technology, the mug flaunts a vibrant, eye-catching design that's as lively as your personality. It's not just a kitchen utensil, it's a piece of countertop art! 

Let's not fret about the wear and tear, my dears. This mug can withstand both the rumblings of a microwave heat-up and the whirls of a dishwasher cycle. It's a ceramic trooper! 

Now, the crowning glory of our 'Livin My Breast Life' mug is its saucy proclamation. This mug is a real ice-breaker, guaranteed to raise a chuckle and stimulate engaging chats. It makes for a splendid gift for those coffee devotees or anyone with a keen sense of humour. Whether it's a birthday, a special celebration, or just to light up someone's day, this mug is sure to turn a smirk into a beaming smile.

So, start your mornings with a blend of strong coffee and bold humour with our 'Livin My Breast Life' ceramic mug. Here's to making every sunrise a bit brighter, one sip at a time!

Height, in 3.74
Diameter, in 3.15