Willy the Penis Pillow


Introducing Willy the Big  Penis Pillow

A dick pillow with epic length and legendary girth.

Let this jumbo penis pillow become your new best friend.

Whether you have him sleep on your bed as use him a penis cuddle pillow or sit him on your work desk, this schlong will definitely be the focal point in any room.

Although it might end up getting you a swift call from HR. 

penus pillow laying on a bed next to a magazine

A willy like no other

We are not bragging about size or anything but this willy is a giant willy pillow and the sheer size is bound to leave you aghast.

But fear not as that emotion will be short lived before you fall in passionate love with this schlong and his frightfully cute eyes and shaft. 

When you recieve your willy and after you  tug him back and forth out of the packaging, the first feeling you will feel is magnetic cuddle urge.

Its no wonder our customers call this dick pillow a 'cuddle magnet'.

Open your arms and wrap them around Willys wide shaft and embrace the symbolic phallic spirit. 

This penis body pillow can be used between your legs at night (yes we said it!) or give head a well earned rest and drift off into a world of slumber on this penis shaped pillow

A woman hugging a big pillow penis


  • Your Willy is a cute penis pillow that has black winky eyes and tippy tapper testes feet.
  • Your Willy comes in a variety of sizes: Small (4 inches) Regular (8 inches), Large (12inches) and Huge (25 inches).
  • Your Willy comes in two different colors (Pink and Black).
  • Your Willy is a large penis pillow which is filled deep with premium cotton.
Penis cuddle pillow sitting on a bed with a window in background


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product is great and hilarious, the shipping took way longer than it should’ve but i place blame on royal mail

Gwen Stokes
Item not received

It’s been weeks and I haven’t received my item.

James Yates

Willy the Penis Pillow

Daniel Hughes

What a scam you guys are. Never got a confirmation email, never got a shipping notification. They just took my money and now have the audacity to ask for a review.

Vivien Hideg

Willy the Penis Pillow

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