Vagitarian Ceramic Mug 11oz



Brighten your morning routine with our 'Witty Preference Mug', a cheeky ceramic companion that declares, "Vagitarian". It's not just a coffee holder; it's a conversation starter, a punchline in your hand that will bring a mischievous spark to your day.  

The 'Vagitarian Ceramic Mug' is all about quality with a dash of quirk. Made from reliable white ceramic, it boasts a sizeable 11 oz (0.33 l) capacity perfect for your preferred hot beverage. The convenient C-handle and rounded corners provide a comfortable grip, making your morning coffee a cozy affair. The bonus? It's both microwave and dishwasher safe for easy, carefree usage. 

This mug is no wallflower. Using cutting-edge printing technology, the sassy statement leaps to the forefront in vibrant colors. It's an amusing visual feast that promises to stand out, whether it's in your kitchen or at the office. 

But why keep all the fun to yourself? The 'Vagitarian Ceramic Mug' makes an entertaining gift, too. It's a standout choice for birthdays, special occasions, or even as a light-hearted surprise. It's a splendid way to share a hearty laugh and make someone's day.

Why not infuse a dollop of humor into your coffee moments with our 'Vagitarian Ceramic Mug'? Here's to kick-starting your day with a chuckle, a grin, and a delicious sip! Remember, every good day starts with coffee and a splash of fun!

Height, in 3.74
Diameter, in 3.15